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After a year of reading for free online

I decided I was ready to go professional in 2004.

I charged $40 per hour for a clairvoyant reading.

I read from a room at home.


My first reading was deeper than any readings I did online

because it was a medium reading.

I didn’t advertise that I could do medium readings

I just did them as they presented at the time of the reading.

Sometimes it would happen online too

but again I didn’t tell people I could do that.

I’m not sure why I didn’t feel to tell people

I was a medium.


A person’s energy was obviously stronger in person than through their words

but you also had to deal with their emotional energy where online you didn’t.

You just did the reading and heard their response.

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My first reading was a success.

I think if I had of gotten a negative response

I may have stopped doing readings

but it was positive like it was online so I continued.


Word of mouth that I was doing readings grew.

I was half pai telling people I did readings

and half pai not telling them.

I was shy about being so openly clairvoyant

not because I thought it was wrong

but because of a lack of confidence in who I was.

That really is the truth of it.


It’s taken me many years to be confident in who I am

irrespective of whether people agree with readings or not.

If you take a risk daily and share who you truly are it becomes easier and easier

until you don’t even remember not sharing your truth. 


Start on your Facebook page,

share an image or words that reflect you and

then continue doing it daily.

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Charging money for a reading is different than doing it for free.


Because people expect more when you charge.

Which is fair enough.


As the reader you know when you’ve done a good reading or a below average reading.

It’s about trusting in the information you receive

and then communicating it as best as you can.

Sometimes it’s your interpretation of the image

that can be wrong, not the image itself.


After a time of doing readings a friend said to me why wasn’t I offering my massages. 

I had been doing massages since 1990

I thought she’s right and started offering massages as well as readings. 

Massage took over really

and I went where the work was.

I still did readings on the phone with international clients and

some local but massage became bigger and bigger and bigger.


I knew when I got older I would do less massages and more readings.

And that’s about what’s happening.

At the moment it’s about half each.


For any of you who feel called to do readings but need confidence to begin. 

Start offering free readings in training on your Facebook page.

Decide the time frame you will offer your readings for free.

What type of readings you will offer.

Then offer them. 

You’ll learn through the doing.  Have a go.


For those wanting a helping hand, mentorship or coaching in starting out doing readings contact me at oriana@orianawalker.com and I’ll discuss the programmes for you.


Love and Light
Oriana x

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