S O U L F U L  P O E M S

Written with love for you



Tulip blood red lips
through gothic eyes
stares soft and tender soul.
Like a rose petal touch
it breathes beauty in your vibe.

Speak to us of when to now,
of cocooned threads of others web,
wise beyond your years and yet
who swears.
Thankfully young in heart and truth,
free to shoot the breeze in travel.

Wanting more than what is given
Wounded heart no longer seen but hidden.
Private for only eyes that care.

Snorting, stamping, calling,
untamed spirit

Go forward
Be free.

Oriana Walker 
Poem for a Woman 25 yrs


For the Romantic and Soulful heart who loves words. An Original Poem written for you by tuning in to energy. 

How do you do that? Through a Full name and Birthdate. Everything has energy, yes even words have energy.  Your name and birthdate is like a window to see through.

Can you give it as a gift to someone else? Yes. Through their Full Name and Birthdate. It works the same way as writing it for you.  Your gift will also hold the energy of gratitude.

Can you write a poem for an anniversary or in rememberance of someone? Yes. I've written love poems for valentines day or to honour an occasion or in rememberance of a loved person passed.

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What you will receive:

  • An original, authentic, soulful poem written for you.
  • It's written by clairvoyance and tuning in to your energy, your vibe.
  • Delivered within 3 Business days to your email.
  • Presented in a PDF file. You could laminate, put it on a T Shirt or Canvas. It's your's for keeps.
  • Give as a gift or as a treat for yourself. Fullname and Birthdate Required
  • Only 18 years and over are eligible
  • Money Back Guarantee within the first 3 days of your poem being sent to your inbox