Oracle Card Reading for 2017

Give yourself an Oracle Card Reading for 2017.

It’s fun,

simple to do

and can be surprisingly accurate.

Here’s how:

  • Connect with your Angels or Spiritual Guardians and ask for what you need to know for 2017.
  • Pull 12 cards, a card for each month.
  • Write down the important messages.

This is my Reading for 2017 from Colette Baron-Reid’s card “Wisdom of the Oracle”.

January 2017
Treasure Island

Treasure lies deep within you, bring it to the top and you will reap its rewards.

February 2017

“Being ready, bringing something to light, being at your best, confidence…A good time to begin new things…a new phase of your life…”

March 2017

“…the power to make things happen.  Taking action.  Signifies new life …”

April 2017
Soul Mates

“…Soul mates can be friends for life or remain in your life for a short period of time… you will be changed in ways you can’t possibly fathom… You know these people by the strong pull drawing you to them. Pay attention to them…”

May 2017
Building Blocks

“…Attracting new relationships into your life and solidifying old ones…what are your foundations made on..”

June 2017
Clean it up

“…energetically clean house…declutter emotions, house, everything…”

July 2017
By the Book

Get your house in order. Divine Order.

“…Now is the time to follow structure…follow the rules..”

August 2017

“…synchronicity, being favoured by the divine..good fortune, luck”

September 2017
Never-ending Story

“…self criticism…love the wounded part of you…”

October 2017
Here and Now

“…being fully present in the moment…living one day at a time…”

November 2017
To the Sea

“…going in the flow…”

December 2017
Chaos and Conflict

“…tension of opposites…this is a time to understand not be understood”


You can get a general feel for your year from the cards that have shown up.

Jan to March are about:

  • Deciding on what I want to achieve in 2017
  • Plan of action for achieving goals
  • Taking action

Apr to June are about:

  • Powerful relationships, soul relationships with others and self

July to Aug are about:

  • Divine order, fate and destiny

Sept to Dec are about:

  • Clearing self beliefs that no longer serve me

You don’t need to summarize the reading, but it is helpful.

Happy New Year everyone, may all your dreams absolutely come true.


Oriana xxx

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