Notes for Meditation Challenge 2017

Where will you meditate for this challenge?

There will be times when I’ll ask you to meditate while walking, doing dishes or during a work break for example.

But when you’re at home, where will you meditate?

On a chair?

On a cushion on the floor?


The most important consideration is that you’re comfortable.

It doesn’t matter where you meditate as long as you’re comfortable when you’re doing it.

Eyes open or closed?

I was taught to meditate with my eyes open.

At that time I was learning Raj Yoga
we would meditate in a room
where a person would sit in front of the class
on a little wooden platform.
We focused on their 3rd eye.

I thought if I stared without blinking then perhaps
I would experience what I had heard the others had seen.
Beautiful colours and visions.

But all that happened was my eyes started watering from staring too long.
So I gave up on that and was natural about it.

What I didn’t realise back then is
meditation is about connection.
Connecting to your soul or spirit
and therefore the Universe/Divine.

So I’m going to suggest that you keep your eyes open.
If you can.
You lower your eyes downward towards your chest and focus on your breath.

Learning to meditate with your eyes open
enables you to meditate anywhere, at anytime,
while doing other things as well.

If however you want to close your eyes then do so.
Sometimes I close my eyes
when I want the intensity of the meditation
or I’m too distracted.

That’s all for now.
I’ll write more if I need to in a blog post or directly on the facebook page as needed.

I look forward to where this Meditating journey will take us,
and welcome all comments, questions or feedback you have.

Meditation Challenge

Oriana xxx

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