My Dad

Lots has happened since I last wrote.

3 people I felt close to died.

My dad.

My close friend.

My cousin.


This will sound strange but Dad was more of a great man than I realised.

But I took a lot for granted back then.


As a teenager I thought his independence of mind was a fault

he always did what he wanted to, at the expense of mum and his family,

I thought.

But again I realised

it was a quality not a fault.


He taught all of his children and grandchildren to be honest and to speak their mind.

I’ve seen people struggle to say what they think or to know what they think

because they haven’t been brought up to value their ideas, thoughts, opinions etc.

When for us, even if we don’t want to say it but say it nevertheless

or don’t say it and keep it to ourselves,

we always know what we think.


Dad was a honest simple and hardworking man.

I’m not sure why tears come to my eyes when I write that.

An image of him sitting in the garage making a sculptured mailbox comes to mind.

I’m calling it sculptured but it was

a hunk of steel with a metal box attached to it.

“At least it’s not a boring mailbox” he said, banging on the metal

“and it’ll handle any weather,”

(dad lived on the coast near the sea).

When I think about it, it was during a time when mum had only recently passed away.

He kept himself busy to cope with his deep grief

and to keep living.

I think that’s why I’m tearful because it was his practicality that kept him alive for all those years.


Throughout his life he took care of his business/his own affairs.

He was never boring.

One time we were at sea going to pick up the crayfish pots.

His mate rolled up next to us and dad said “wanna race?”…

“I’ll beat him on the downwind” he said to me

“this boat won’t make it up wind” and away we went.

It was exciting!


Dad died in August 2017.

I know he’s happy and free.

Free from the excruciating pain he dealt with that old age brings.

Happy cos he’s with his mate, my mum

and  because

he’s with all his family.

I love you dad,  kiss mum for me.



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