Morning Rituals



What are your Morning Rituals?

I love this topic.
What people do in the morning interests me
and buggered if I know why but I dig it.

This is what Ive been doing during the winter months in Aotearoa.

I grab a coffee.
Turn on my computer.
I write on a note pad with pen.
I use to type my thoughts but I found writing with pen and paper more intuitive.
It slows down my mind and insights pop up with ease.
I also discovered that clarity would appear on the page
so now I use pen and paper.
I’ve started to meditate again after many years of not doing it.
I use to be a big time meditator
but then I couldn’t be bothered sitting in lotus position for hours on end.
Maybe it was because my thighs couldn’t wrap around me,
mostly it was because I wanted to get on with my day.

Now I want to meditate

Not because it’s the thing to do
but because I want the peace of mind and
purity of soul that results from doing it.
Untitled design (17)
I then pull an oracle card for the day and today’s card is “clean it up” which is perfect and motivating for the day.
And that’s my Morning Ritual.
What’s yours?  
I would love to hear.

Have an awesome day!
Love and Light Petals
Oriana x

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