How I started doing Readings

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It all started from a reading I got.

I was a member of Universal Pathways of Light, in the days of MSN Groups.

They offered every type of reading you could imagine.  So I asked for a reading.

Here’s what I got:

“Amongst the mist there stands a maiden.
Fair and true she is.
This maiden is beautiful, she walks alongside a loch or lake,
and the mist rises off the water, she beckons you to join her…

You already are gifted, and this you know.
You radiate much Spiritual Light already.
There is much work for you to do on this plane, all in the spiritual field.
You have a great talent already, and this reading you do not need.

It is you who should be reading for others, not you seeking readings.
This is your calling.  No more is to be said”

(25th Jan 2003)

I signed up to do Colour Readings that day.

I read as “lilacdew”, in those days everyone had a non de plume.

I don’t know what made me choose colour readings but it’s probably the lightest and gentlest way to start doing readings.

I decided that I would read for a year online for free.

I wanted the practice and I wanted to see how good I was.

And that’s what I did.


During the year I did 2 other types of readings.

Dragon readings where I’d tune in and tell you what coloured dragon was with you.

I didn’t see it as being far fetched.

My kaitiaki, my animal guardian was the Tuatara.

I thought my Tuatara was like a dragon and so therein was my connection to dragons.

I had 2 dragons, my Tuatara and a crystal dragon in the image above.

What I was really doing was reading the colours of your guardian but I still do have a fondness for dragons.


I also started to read animal guardians but I wavered in this because I use to think they didn’t like me eating meat, so I went back and forth being non vegetarian and vegetarian.

The bulk of that time however was doing colour readings.


I learned a lot during that year.

My natural abilities rose to the top.

I saw beauty that I wish I could replicate for people and feel blessed to have seen.

Reading so many people from different cultures that you had not witnessed before,

meant I would see images than go and research what I was seeing.

When you see images that you haven’t seen before and then you have it affirmed as real makes you trust.

So I read for a year and decided to become professional and that’s another story.

Oriana x

PS: Where ever you are Trinity know that you are always welcome here.  Trinity was from New Zealand like me.

Image jewelled dragon – unknown artist


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