healing through Massage

Gentle, soothing, firm, spiritual and for you

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Email: oriana@orianawalker.com

Cellphone: 027 281 7124

    The Experience

    It's for those that want to be treated wholistically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How does that happen? Through me helping you make the connections to your body, your thinking, your emotions and environment past or present.  It doesn't mean that all areas will be covered as some do not need to be addressed. If your body needs a massage without any discussion that's what you'll receive. It's more about your willingness to be open to a wholistic approach and discovery.

    What's involved?

    Therapeutic Massage.

    Hands on Healing and Channeling Divine Energy through prayer. Chakras, your 7 Levels of Energy analysis. Identifying beliefs that have held you back, or created negative behaviour and results and that need to be released.


    I trust my hands implicitly to tell me where the areas are to work on for you.  It doesn't mean I don't ask you where you feel the pain the most or where you need me to focus on.  It means I am guided by the information I receive through my hands for you.

    I am intuitive and clairvoyant so keep this in mind if you prefer not to have these methods involved in your healing too.


    Years of experience, various contracts with Health Care Providers, private practice.


    The quicker you get xrays and a diagnosis from your medical doctor the better.  It will save you pain, distress and mental anguish.  The problem arises when you are not given a diagnosis nor answers then you go searching. You have to trust yourself to trust where you go to for guidance.  Body workers will tell you where they sense the pain and this is helpful when you may be thinking you're making it all up inside your head.

    Benefits from Massage

    • Pain relief
    • Release of emotional tension and stress
    • Muscular relaxation
    • Safety of Touch
    • Feeling more connected to your body and spirit
    • Options for Healing
    • Awareness of self
    • Physical, emotional and spiritual recovery

    $80 per hour

    Half hour $40

    Years of experience rolled in to one package for you