Creative Books

Creative Books

Here are 2 books I’ve brought to inspire me to create more.

The Courage to be Creative by Doreen Virtue

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Doreen is prolific in her output of creative products.

If anyone can speak on this subject it is her.

Here’s a clip about her book.

I like that the angels told her to sit outside under the starlight.

“Starlight creates and sparks creative ideas”.

I also like how she said energy gets trapped inside and we get the same old ideas over and over again.

I like Doreen.

I like Angels.

I’m sure I’ll like her book.

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The other book I brought is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here’s a video of an interview by Marie Forleo with Elizabeth Gilbert about Big Magic.

Creativity has been my life and life saver.

When I’m down or low in energy I fall back on doing something creative


Because it brings me joy!

Oriana x

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