Colour Readings

What colours of the Universe do I see?  Shining through you to me?





Colours in Your Aura

The Colours in your Aura tell you what is happening to you now or in the immediate future. It manifests first in the aura and then in the physical.  

Your Chakras - Your 7 Levels of Energy

Each Chakra or Level of Energy tells you something about you.

  1. Root Chakra : Connection to Earth, Belonging, Security Issues
  2. Sacral Chakra: Intimate Relationships, Sexuality, Creativity and Natural Abilities
  3. Solar Plexus: Power Center, Self Esteem, Self Will
  4. Heart Chakra: Love
  5. Throat Chakra: Comunication, speak your truth
  6. 3rd Eye: Vision, Insight, Psychic Abilities
  7. Crown Chakra: Connection with the Heavens, Spiritual Beliefs and Spiritual Guardians.


You'll receive

  • A Colour Reading which will tell you what Colours are in your Aura and their meanings. Insights from your Chakras - your 7 Levels of Energy.
  • Your Colour Reading is written by tuning in to your Fullname and Birthdate, through clairvoyant and intuitive skills.
  • Delivered within 2 Business Days to your Paypal Account Email.
  • Presented in a pdf file.
  • 18 years and over are eligible.
  • Please provide Fullname and Birthdate

Colour Reading $100