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loving you and others
Healing through Intuition, Massage and Creativity

Sometimes you need to clear away the rubbish to see what's there, and when you do, you're surprised by what you find. Joy. Your joy, waiting to greet you.

Intuitive and clairvoyant insight can help you see emotional, spiritual and physical issues. To help you heal so you can accept and express yourself with ease.

Creative expression helps you to connect to your voice. The more you own your voice, the more able you are to change your world. What is your soul's expression?

"Like the flower that reaches for the sun, our soul reaches for the Divine. To Love, to be loved, to be free. Soulfully" Oriana Walker



Like the Stars above : Wheturangi ki runga

I, like my ancestors are descendants of the stars. Forever connected in all eternity. We are spiritual, tribal, passionate, creative, intelligent. This is who we are This is who I am.

Ngati Kahungunu

Ngati Rakaipaaka on my dads side. Ngati Pahauwera on my mums side. I live in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Mediumship, matakite/clairvoyancy for healing are innate abilities passed on from our tipuna/ancestors.

Free Spirit

Flowers, Poetry, Beauty, Angels, Kina, Puha, Herbertville, Creativity, Books, Maori Art, Art, Wairua, Fashion, Hip Hop, Friends, Kindness, Loved.


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